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Hello, my name is Luke Suvanto and I am running to be YOUR VOICE, your advocate, and your representation for Edmonton Beverly-Clareview in the Alberta legislature. For far to long (14 years) the hard working families in Beverly-Clareview have been pushed aside and ignored by the NDP in favor of ideologies and policies that do nothing but further harm the quality of life of the hard working residents in Beverly-Clareview. I am running to win and to change that. As a husband and a father, I understand the challenges and changing needs that we are facing, and that is why I am running, to be YOUR VOICE, and your fighter. I will always operate with integrity, honesty, compassion and a strong work ethic. I believe admitting when you are wrong and learning from your mistakes is a vital part of a good leader


Being raised my whole life in North Edmonton, I am running to help bring more economic growth, to help fight to lower crime and bring more accessible health care solutions for Edmonton Beverly-Clareview.

I have worked in the Sales industry for over 13 years, ranging from front line sales, to management to finance, as well as helping people with personal finances and retirement savings. I am an active member serving in my church as well as a local charity called the Pantry N More providing weekly food hampers/groceries, meals and clothing to anyone in need around Edmonton.

YOUR voice for OUR community



Heath Care

Beverly-Clareview deserve better facilities plain and simple. When minutes count, a twenty minute drive to a bigger facility is cutting it just TOO close. We have the best front line medical workers in Alberta and need to lower the burden and stress on  them by providing the needed support, so they can focus on providing the best care possible. Providing a more affordable education for health care workers, working with front line workers to find real world, tangible solutions to help reduce burnout and to listen and learn then adjust is how I will serve. 


The need for affordable Pre-K, a dependable and quality education, and the right to choose the school for your kids should be available to all. As a parent of a child soon to be entering the education system I will always fight on the side of the students. Manageable class sizes for teachers, the need for available EA's and a curriculum that provides the best route per child are some of the most important things . Education is NOT a one size fits all, we need to stop treating it as such


You deserve to live your best life without the worry of where your next meal may come from or how you will pay your next bill. I will fight to help lower the costs on basic necessities. I will be your voice and fighter to reduce home heating and power bills, to lower insurance costs for individuals and businesses. 



I will fight for the small businesses, helping reduce red-tape so they can hire more people and pay more. I don't believe in spending without an account of where that money is going. Doing that is how we end up taking on more and more debt which reduces our ability to reinvest into our health care system, education system, and our provinces infrastructure.  To keep our economy moving forward and thriving we need to use the power, might and ingenuity from all corners of our province. 

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